The 3 signs that will tell you that the girl you are dating is a gold digger

Men are often fooled by the looks of a girl. They will fall head over heels in love with them without looking at their real intentions. Don’t worry. There are some signs that you can observe to check if the girl you are with loves you for who you are and not for what is inside your bank account.

1. Obsession about money

You can quickly notice this sign because the girl you are dating will be more interested in buying material things than just spend some quality time with you. If that is the case, you should be prepared. It is the type of woman that lives for money alone. She will betray you without second thoughts for the right price.

2. Ratings for men

She is the kind of person who will have men under different categories. It will be based on the car they drive, the job they have and the kind of house he has. Looks wouldn’t matter to her as long as the three qualities are fulfilled, she will immediately fall for the guy.

3. Sudden change of affection

Test your girl if you are having some second thoughts. Try to tell her that you are currently having some financial issues and in the brink of losing your job. If all of a sudden she becomes distant without showing you her concern during the time you need her the most, don’t run after her. It is better to let her go than let her leech her way around you.

It is true that we should take care of women. However, it is not right if we will just be used. We also need to find the right one who will be with us along the way. We should trust our instinct most especially if we can feel that we are being used.