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Don’t Give Up Hope – Keep Trying

Whatever method of dating you attempt, there is always the chance that the early days will be marked more by failure than by success. It is hard not to be disheartened by this, and there is little that anyone can say to make it feel less painful. As much as these pieces of advice sound like fraudulent cliché, the truth is that very often it’s not anything that’s wrong with you, that sometimes the timing is wrong, and that as long as you stay true to yourself there will be people who find you attractive. As tempting as it may be to wallow in self-deprecation, keeping faith has to be the strategy for you.

If a date goes wrong and you don’t hit it off, it is not because you yourself are fundamentally flawed. For two people to meet and get along brilliantly right away is incredibly rare. We all put up shields – otherwise we would be running around telling everybody what we thought of them, and we would be locked up or beaten up. It takes time. The fact is that sometimes you have to trust that your luck will pick up. If you don’t accept that you need to wait, you can end up convincing yourself that someone utterly unsuited to you is your soulmate – and creating a very problematic situation.

Accept that these things take time, and you will be much of the way towards getting it right. Don’t try to force it and don’t give up. Just show your best side at all times and it will happen for you.

The 3 signs that will tell you that the girl you are dating is a gold digger

Men are often fooled by the looks of a girl. They will fall head over heels in love with them without looking at their real intentions. Don’t worry. There are some signs that you can observe to check if the girl you are with loves you for who you are and not for what is inside your bank account.

1. Obsession about money

You can quickly notice this sign because the girl you are dating will be more interested in buying material things than just spend some quality time with you. If that is the case, you should be prepared. It is the type of woman that lives for money alone. She will betray you without second thoughts for the right price.

2. Ratings for men

She is the kind of person who will have men under different categories. It will be based on the car they drive, the job they have and the kind of house he has. Looks wouldn’t matter to her as long as the three qualities are fulfilled, she will immediately fall for the guy.

3. Sudden change of affection

Test your girl if you are having some second thoughts. Try to tell her that you are currently having some financial issues and in the brink of losing your job. If all of a sudden she becomes distant without showing you her concern during the time you need her the most, don’t run after her. It is better to let her go than let her leech her way around you.

It is true that we should take care of women. However, it is not right if we will just be used. We also need to find the right one who will be with us along the way. We should trust our instinct most especially if we can feel that we are being used.

The 3 must know things before you date an alpha female

There are different types of women that we will meet in our lives. Some women are housewife types, and others are shy while some are liberated. However, among any other kind of ladies, the hardest to deal with are the alpha females. I think it doesn’t need much of an explanation and we will all agree that they are one of the hardest types of women to date. It is not surprising if you will fall for them because they have a lot of good qualities. Just check these things first before you start dating an alpha female.

1. There will be a challenge

You have to be prepared for all the challenges she will bring you. She is the strong willed type of person who has her opinions so you should expect that even some of your point of views will be challenged. Aside from that, it will not be easy to make her accept defeat.

2. She can do things on her own

An alpha female is someone who has the capability and determination to do things on her own. She is not the type of girl who will rely on a man to keep her safe and do some tasks. You should not be too sensitive about this because this kind of girl is not someone who will need your constant protection.

3. No need for guessing games

Most men have problems with girls who are having a hard time expressing what they feel even if there is something that is bothering them. It will not be the case with alpha females. She will always be very vocal if something is up. If there is something that she doesn’t like or making her uncomfortable, you’ll know it straight up.

Make sure that you are ready for these three things to make sure that you can keep up with an alpha female. Don’t worry because this type of girl is worth it.

The 3 important thoughts that couples should think of when they fight

It is natural for married couples to fight. It is part of the relationship. It’s just that there are instances whereas people forget some important things just because they are arguing about something. Here are some of the important thoughts that we should keep in our minds no matter how big the argument is. If we think this through, the foundation of the relationship will just grow stronger.

1. I will always love you

Nobody is perfect and no matter what kind of disagreement you have, it is necessary for the both of you to remember how much you love each other. It will be the key to set things straight. Bear in mind that it is the sole reason why you were able to accept each other’s flaws.

2. I will always be there for you

Some things would occur in our life that will test the bond of marriage. People will make mistakes and no matter how severe the situation is, never forget that you have each other’s back. Someone is right behind you to accept whatever problem come your way. It is a reminder that in this life, you will never be alone.

3. I will be your constant supporter

People make decisions in life. Some of it is for the best, but some can cause problems. Whatever happens and even if I don’t agree with the plans you have, I will be here to support you. There will always be someone who will cheer you up and tell you that everything will just turn out fine.

Trials and difficulties are part of a relationship. It is up to us on how we can sort things out and use it, so the marriage will not fall apart. Whenever a couple has some heated discussions, just breathe and think about these three thoughts. It will make you feel a lot better.