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How to NOT Get Your Ex Back

When a break up happens, there are plenty of avenues to travel down in trying to get him back. You’ve probably heard all about them. However, you need to know that there are some very definite things that you should NOT do if you hope to ever have a chance of reconciling with your ex. If you choose to ignore these tried and true tips, you probably won’t get your ex back and you may as well move on with your life.

The first thing you should do is let your ex believe that you’ve accepted his decision. Let him believe that you, too, feel that parting is probably the best thing to do and let him go. This is a very important first step. Don’t beg or plead for him to stay. You can do your screaming, cursing and crying after he’s safely out of ear-shot.

At first, let him believe that you agree with him.  Don’t keep trying to communicate with him, and don’t let him communicate with you. Sometimes that makes it easier for him to stay broken up with you because he knows that you’ll still be there for him if he needs you. In case wife cheated on me don’t even think about getting back to her. That’s something that you should take care of instantly, even if you must tell him out right that you won’t be staying in touch with him. If you’re not in contact, then he’s going to have a better chance of missing you.

Don’t stay in and hibernate. Give yourself a few days to mourn the demise of the relationship and then start getting out again. Call the friend you trust the most and make a date to go out. Even if you don’t feel in the best of moods yet, go anyway. Make yourself at least try to have some fun. Word will get around that you’re out and about, which is just what you want to happen.

Don’t let yourself go. In fact, if you’ve been thinking about all of the improvements that you can make to yourself, now is the perfect time to do them. Start eating healthier, work out more and get a new hair style. When you go out to try to have some fun, you’ll also look great and word of the brand new you will filter its way back to your ex.

Don’t say no to dating. Obviously, you don’t want to mislead anyone, but maybe you’ve got a guy friend or two that will want to spend some time with you. Both of you pay for each other so that it’s not a real date but your ex won’t know that when word of seeing you out and about with a new guy gets back to him.

If you can refrain from doing all of these things, you stand a much better chance of getting back together with your ex. These are all things that are pretty much guaranteed to at least get his interest up. Soon enough, he’ll be at your door again.

Don’t Give Up Hope – Keep Trying

Whatever method of dating you attempt, there is always the chance that the early days will be marked more by failure than by success. It is hard not to be disheartened by this, and there is little that anyone can say to make it feel less painful. As much as these pieces of advice sound like fraudulent cliché, the truth is that very often it’s not anything that’s wrong with you, that sometimes the timing is wrong, and that as long as you stay true to yourself there will be people who find you attractive. As tempting as it may be to wallow in self-deprecation, keeping faith has to be the strategy for you.

If a date goes wrong and you don’t hit it off, it is not because you yourself are fundamentally flawed. For two people to meet and get along brilliantly right away is incredibly rare. We all put up shields – otherwise we would be running around telling everybody what we thought of them, and we would be locked up or beaten up. It takes time. The fact is that sometimes you have to trust that your luck will pick up. If you don’t accept that you need to wait, you can end up convincing yourself that someone utterly unsuited to you is your soulmate – and creating a very problematic situation.

Accept that these things take time, and you will be much of the way towards getting it right. Don’t try to force it and don’t give up. Just show your best side at all times and it will happen for you.

How to Flirt With Men Without Sending the Wrong Message

The fine art of flirting is to catch a man’s eye without giving him the wrong impression. That can be a challenge. Watch some old movies like Gone With the Wind. Scarlett O’Hara was a champion flirter.

She gave the guys just enough attention to captivate them but never gave away samples. That’s the kind of flirting that gets you much more than the “voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir” type.

The first rule of flirting involves making eye contact. In North American culture, woman can lock eyes with a man without being considered rude or slutty. Even then, it’s a matter of catching his eye rather than locking on like a tractor beam where he feels uncomfortable.

Accomplished flirters only make eye contact for a few seconds and act is if it was an accident. It’s a matter of perfecting the look that communicates, “I was actually looking for someone else, but you stepped into my line of vision.”

The second rule of flirting is to seem unconcerned about his response. If he read the signal and approaches, fine. If he doesn’t get it the first time, don’t give an instant replay. You might even act surprised that he thought you were interested in him.

Of course since he came over, you’re willing to look him over up close. But don’t appear obvious or desperate, either of which spoils the connection. The third rule of flirting is to wait for him to make the next move.

Don’t keep pouring it on unless you’re just trying to negotiate a price. That’s what it seems like when you’re flirting like a guided missile that’s honing in on a target. Let him be the pursuer – it’s a role he likes.

Guys are willing to take the easy girl, but they don’t tend to come back for more. Let him work at getting your attention. The fourth rule of flirting is to be natural. Once you have his attention, be yourself.

You don’t have to memorize Scarlett O’Hara’s lines to make this work. The flirting was merely to telegraph that you might be interested to see if he’s worth the effort. You can’t keep up an act for long. If it’s the act he wants, then he won’t stay around when you finally reveal yourself. Why waste time for both of you?

The final rule of flirting is to enjoy yourself. It’s certainly among your inalienable rights as a female to flirt. Just remember that as with fishing, flirting can be a pleasant sport – even if you don’t catch anything or if you have to throw back what you caught.

How to Be The Guy That Women Lust After

Women lust after guys for many different reasons, and there’s no way that any guy can make every woman lust after him.However, there are some things that you can do in order to make yourself attractive to as many women as possible.Many of these suggestions are simple to implement and yet once you perfect them, you’ll have many women lusting over you!

The first selection of suggestions is with regard to your appearance.Although most physical attributes are subjective, and different body shapes appeal to different women, there are some things that are universal.For example, women like their men to look clean and fresh.Turn up on a date with a five o’clock shadow, covered in ink and wearing a crumpled shirt and jeans, and you’re not likely to get a good response from your date.Turn up recently shaved, with the same clothes but with them freshly laundered and your date is going to have a better first impression of you.

Other physical things are a white dazzling smile and a decent haircut (although hair length and style again is a subjective area!).If you can get your eyes to twinkle – or even get that George Clooney eye-crinkle thing going on, you’re off to a great start!

Next comes the personality traits that most women love (or hate).A sense of humor is often at the top, or near the top of a list of “must have” attributes that women look for in a guy.This isn’t necessarily a “Simpson’s” or “South Park” sense of humor, but rather showing yourself to be a person that can laugh and who doesn’t take himself or life too seriously.Although she probably won’t appreciate you making a public spectacle of yourself (and her!) with outrageous behavior, if you can make a woman laugh, you hold her in the palm of your hand.

Other personality traits are listening to what she has to say, not monopolizing the conversation, not being too macho in your approach to who picks up the check, not appearing to be needy or high maintenance, and having an air of self-confidence that doesn’t border on arrogance.If you can manage to hold a conversation that doesn’t revolve around sports, then you’re going to score even higher on her lust scale!

Although the stereotypical woman lusts after a 6-pack abdomen and shoulders the size of Texas, this isn’t what the average woman is looking for. Although women do go for this kind of thing in certain situations, as with guys, this is usually a social thing rather than a personal choice in a partners.

To be a guy that women lust over, you don’t necessarily have to attend charm school and spend 3 hours in the gym everyday – just be attentive, quietly confident, relaxed, and sincere, but above all, be yourself. Nothing is more attractive than a man who is comfortable in his own skin!

Guess Who MIGHT Be Coming to Dinner

In 1967, a very controversial movie called “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” was released to an unsuspecting public. This movie, starring Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn and Sidney Poitier, was about a white couple with very rigid attitudes whose daughter brings home a black fiancé. It couldn’t have been a more challenging era to release a movie of this type with so many racial issues going on throughout the country. Yet, it was a very popular movie, even winning 2 Oscars and nominated for 8 more. The movie is credited by many for opening doors to people in interracial relationships.

The only problem is that bringing your interracial partner to dinner at the home of your racist parents is quite possibly the most terrible idea of them all. Consider this: You’ve told your family all about this incredible new love of yours. They know how wonderful this person is, how well you’re treated, how smart and funny your new love is. However, there’s one tiny little detail that you’ve left out. You’ve left out this piece of information because you know how your parents will react. That tiny detail is the fact that your partner is of a different race that you are.

Now take this scenario a bit further. When you arrive with your partner, you get a less than warm reception. This can range anywhere from a lukewarm hello to a screaming match that ends up with your partner being thrown out of the house. Can you truthfully think of a better way to RUIN a great dinner?

This is why you don’t ever need to make a family dinner the setting of the introduction of your interracial lover to your intolerant family. Who is going to enjoy the meal? Will anyone even EAT? Of course, you may want to have a few bottles of wine on hand so that people can relax, and maybe put out a few appetizers to help soak up that alcohol. However, a full-fledged meal is NOT the way to go.

Plan anything else that will not require you to try to eat. A stressful meeting such as this will go much better when there’s no food involved. If the initial meeting goes well, then a nice lunch or dinner the next day can work out great. It’s just much better if you don’t start out the first meeting with food that needs to be ingested. All that will happen is a lot of indigestion and, if things go really bad, a possible food fight can take place.

Those are just a few of the reasons that dinner is a bad idea when you’re bringing home your interracial partner for the first time. If you feel that there’s even the small chance that your family will violently and vocally object to your new relationship, plan something a little shorter and less nausea causing to make that first introduction. You’ll be very relieved that you chose to do things a bit differently than is traditional.